Sunday, March 25, 2012


Okay, I hear ya. You want a big-time New York City publishing house to buy your manuscript and turn it into a paper book with pages that you can feel between your fingers, turn the pages, smell the ink. You want to have a writerly romance with your work.

But it is time to look at and acknowledge the changing world of publishing. It is time to turn your attention to small presses and e-books. After all, when the invention of televisions turned people away from listening to stories on the radio to watching and listening on television, it didn’t destroy the radio did it?


Everything found a new place in our lives. And it will be the same way with books. So don’t be left behind. I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that the smart agents are doing this! And if they are being progressive, so should we.

Think about it, the door of opportunity for debut and lesser known authors is wide open. You are no longer saddled with the “we can’t financially take a chance” excuse that large publishing houses give. Many excellent writers are ignored because of financial reasons. Another reason is that you will have a world-wide audience and your book will perpetually “be on the shelf” for as long as you promote it instead of the short few weeks in a book store.

So pull up your writer britches and take steps toward e-publishing!

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