Monday, March 21, 2011


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent” ~ Victor Hugo

My husband has a condition known as “extreme left-brain.” When he is working he needs absolute silence!

I, on the other hand, am an extremely right-brained person. Silence sucks all the oxygen out of my creative flame. I must have music. But my music needs vary with what I’m writing.

If I am researching I need upbeat music like what I’m listening to right now, “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. A real toe-tapper.  I really like Jason Maraz too!

If I’m writing a first draft, nothing will do put classical music, preferably strings. Words interfere with my thought process.

If I’m editing my first draft I listen to music that fits the mood. For dark or intense scenes I’m back to classical—Pachelbel, Bach, Mozart. Instrumental works beautifully if you are not into classical. John Michael Talbot or Phil Keaggy are wonderful! If it is a romantic scene, Sinatra and Michael Buble set a great mood. If it is high emotion I like David Cook, Daughtery, or Kris Allen.

You may think that I spend my time changing CD’s or scanning my iPod for every scene. I don’t. I have something much better. It is called Pandora. It is free Internet radio. However there are a limited number of hours of free play. I subscribed for unlimited hours and I love it. I can build my own stations, so when I need a change of scene, I just click over one screen and click on the station that suits my mood.

Why not try it?

How about you? Do you listen to music while writing?


Joy Keeney said...

I to can't stand working in silence. I discovered Pandora and LOVE it!! I have stations for each of my working moods it's wonderful!!

BECKY said...

Hi Linda! Yes, I'm a lot like you! It depends on what I'm writing, editing, re-reading, etc. I used to have Pandora, but there's some kind of problem with them and AOL. So, sometimes I listen to AOL's free radio, or
About a year ago, I read about having a "starting song" for your writing. Choose something that really moves you and play it each time you begin, and your brain will know it's "time to write" as soon as it hears it.

Linda Glaz said...

Any kind of noise (other than humans talking to me) a movie, anything that keeps me from being distracted by actual "noise' around me. But not as mood setters.