Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday, I had the whole day to write. THE WHOLE DAY!

But . . .

I made the mistake of going into my closet—think cave—and the urge to finally clean it overwhelmed me. So, the ENTIRE day I sorted clothes into piles to go to different causes, you see, I’ve lost 35 pounds and most everything I own is too large. Another thing about my closet is that it is the holding place for everything else in my house that I don’t know what to do with. So yesterday, I had to make those decisions as well. The sad thing is that it isn’t finished even after spending the entire day.

The sad thing is even if I hadn’t gone into my closet and gotten dominated by its demands, the walk-in pantry and my walk-in office closet are screaming for attention. I was doomed anyway. It’s like my brain turns into spaghetti.

Sometimes, I just need to run away to a neutral place in order for my focus to be undivided. I’m not always so weak, but oftentimes when I’m insecure in my writerly world I will succumb to everything else but writing.

This can be a real problem for writers because unless we are “under contract” or making a lot of money, our family and friends think of our work as a “hobby” and have no problem demanding their piece of our time. And apparently some of us agree because we leave our writing to give it to them. It never occurs to us to say “no.”

If you find this is true, perhaps you need to run away. I like to go to coffee shops (but run into the danger of seeing someone I know) or go to the library. Next week I’m going to a writer’s conference in Eureka Springs, AR. I’m leaving super early in order to have quiet writing time before everyone else arrives.
If you have the “spaghetti-brain” syndrome, try running away for a while. Eventually, you will be able to return home. For a little while anyway!