Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For the next several posts we are going to look one of the most effect ways to build a platform. 

What is a platform?

It is something that you must have to sell your book, or your work to major periodicals—that is unless your last name is Roberts, Grissham, or King. 

For instance, if you were in a crowded mall, so crowded that no one could move. A person thirty yards in front of you wouldn’t be able to see you. But if you got a ladder and climbed up to the top rung, shouted, and waved your hands above your head, everyone could see you. 

That is a platform. It is your visibility to the people who might purchase your work. And these days that is the first question out of editors and agents mouths, “What’s their platform.”

Why do they ask that?

Because they expect you to not only write, but market your work as well. Gone are the days of creating, getting accepted for publication, and then creating again. Now we must create, get accepted, create buzz for our project, sell our project, then create again. And the best way to do that is public speaking.

I hear you groaning. 

It really isn’t that bad. In fact, I’m writing a how-to book on public speaking for writers and in this blog I will highlight some of those ideas. 

So get ready to start on that platform.

NEXT UP: What kind of Speaker are you?