Saturday, November 28, 2009


During one of my speaking engagements where I encouraged my audience to start blogging. A lady raised her hand and asked, "Does anyone really read them?"

I do.

One has to be discerning, realizing that just because it is written doesn't mean it is necessarily true or 100% accurate. However, a lot of information can be gleaned from other people's experiences. Travel blogs, gardening blogs, cooking blogs, writing blogs, and many other how-to blogs are great tools. Devotion blogs and humor blogs are good for the soul. Then there are the ranting, political, blogs. I avoid them like the plague. But there are those who get energy from them.

This morning I read an email from a person named Shelia. She found this blog via a search engine and featured it in hers. Her blog is about gardening and since I use nature to describe different writing techniques, Daydreaming on Paper came up.

As a courtesy I would like my readers to check out her site:
They have some really great stuff.

Now, my question is this, do you read blogs? Do you have a blog? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Remember a time when the lights went out during a stormy night? The glow from a candle flame is a welcomed sight. It illuminates the room and helps you find your way. A fire in the hearth chases away the chill. Watching the colorful, dancing blaze is mesmerizing and gives the audience a cozy feel. The first thing we notice when walking into a room is the captivating blaze in a fireplace, consuming wood and oxygen. The glow from a fire is welcomed as long as it warms and doesn't burn out of control.


You write in a blaze of inspiration. There isn’t a genre’ or a subject that you consider off-limits. You are bold and brave. Controversial subjects do not intimidate you, rather, you get energy by going where others fear to tread. You often expose lies and illuminate truth by your passionate prose. There are times that your writing settles into a warm, endearing, piece that comforts your reader. All of it depends on what is fueling you.


Glowwriters inform and challenge their readers. You are not afraid to try different styles. You are also prolific, but only when in a season of inspiration. When you enter a room, it isn’t long until your presence is greater than anyone else there. You challenge those around you to reach higher with their writing and often push them through doors they were afraid to enter. People are fuel to you. You surround yourself with them because they give you oxygen to write by discussing ideas, story-lines, and current events. 


Although you write in a passionate blaze of inspiration, you also burn out quickly. You depend on others to feed your fire, but your need for fuel often burns and consumes those around you. Your edgy writing may become caustic and your glow is lost in a damaging wildfire, burning everything and everyone in its path. Once your flame is snuffed out, it is hard to rekindle. 

Remember to glow, to illuminate without burning. Consider those around you and remember to give to them as much as they give to you.