Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Terra firma ~ solid earth. Think about the earth – stable, productive, resourceful, and multilayered. Treasures are hidden in those layers and people have to dig to find them. When you walk in the garden or the woods, notice the details that come from the earth– the colors, the aromas. Earth treats all of our senses. It gives us soft moss to lie on, sweet fruit to taste, purple asters to gather, the rustle of leaves in the wind, and fragrant honeysuckle on warm evenings. Earth is rich in itself and supports all life.


You bury yourself in your work. Once you sit at the computer and begin writing, you become lost in your prose. Hours may pass before you look up. Even when you take a break, words and ideas swirl in your mind compelling you to return to the keyboard and lose yourself once more to the depths of creativity.


Writerterras produce. The reason you are so prolific is that you prepare. You are an exquisite researcher because accuracy and details are important to you. You aren’t a big group type person, preferring one-on-one type encounters.  People have to earn your respect in order to be in your inner-circle. However, you are nurturing and willing to help other writers from the depths of your writing wealth.


Your strength can also be your weakness. Sometimes your writing is paralyzed by your over-preparing and fastidious attention to details.  This may make your writing tedious to your reader who is forced to wade through page after page of details, history, and description. Because of your tendency to stick with the rules, you are unwilling to take risks which may cause your writing to become stilted.

Take breaks! Even if you have to set a timer. Get up from your desk or laptop, take a short walk, breathe. Be kind to your body and mind. When you return to your work, you will see it with fresh eyes and identify any redundancy in your work.