Thursday, September 4, 2008


I just returned from the White County Writer's Conference in Searcy, AR where my friend Velda Brotherton and I were speakers. It was a good conference, well attended. I met a lot of great writers who had creative ideas and messages to share.

It bothered me to think that their writing may never be picked up by a major publisher because of the "bottom line" of the big house publishing world--the almighty dollar.

It is frustrating because we read pathetic writing in books that are printed only because of the big name behind the manuscript. Big names sell books. Big names can confuse POVs, write boring first lines, sag in the middle, and produce low quality work.

But, the tide is turning. There are a lot of outlets for our writing. Small presses, University Presses, and PODs. Thank goodness the disparaging view of self-publishing is changing.

I'm glad because the bottom line for me isn't the dollar. I know my readers, I have a message for them, I want to impact their lives for the better. That's my bottom line, not the money.

Big publishing houses no longer have that luxury, sad to say. They cannot take a chance on a new name with fresh ideas as long as the tired old name who regurgitates the same old stuff still sells.

Writers today have many options to publishing, however writing isn't enough anymore. We have to learn the business of publishing and selling our books. We have to hustle and promote ourselves. Those who are willing to take the whole package will go far.

I hope my new friends in White County and all writers will take the opportunities that are before them and run with it! I know I am.

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