Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been watching the American Idol rewinds. Yes, I'm a hopeless fanatical fan of this show! The rewinds show previous seasons. We see a former contestant perform, hear the judges comments, and see their reaction. Then they conduct a current interview with that contestant. To my surprise most who were harshly critized by Simon and heartly disagreed with him at the time, now see that he was right.

You know Simon. The fellow who rarely has anything nice to say. He can get so nasty that I think it has to be scripted or for the ratings. But while watching him, I see his genuine frustration with the mediocre. And while he is brutal in his comments, he is passionate about music and musicians.

Now that my bruised writer's feelings have healed, I feel this is the case, to some degree, with the PW review of my manuscript. Looking back objectively, I understand what this reviewer was seeing. It is wise to listen to criticism from someone who isn't connected to you in any way.
Take the criticism much as you would at a buffet line. What is good, use it. What is wrong, leave it. There are still points that I feel PW totally missed, however, there are also some points where the reviewer was right on.

I've moved on to two other projects, but, when I've finished with them I may give that manuscript a major overhaul. I like the story, but, it could be much better. I see that now.

When I watch the AI rewinds I find that Simon got it right more than he missed. Those who took his advice profited from it.

Hopefully, my being able to accept criticism and learn from it is a step toward growing more mature as a writer.

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